5 tips to help you clean up after a party

There’s nothing more sobering than waking up to a messy house after a party. Well, we have listed our 5 favourite tips to make your life easier.

1. Use plastic tupperware

Using plastic cups and plates will save you from having to wash the dishes the next day, avoid glass breakage and quickly clear our the majority of the mess.

2. Red wine on carpet

We have all been there. Red wine on carpet, if not treated promptly can become quite expensive to remove.  To remove, try:

  1. Pour salt all over the spillage whilst it is still wet.
  2. Let the salt absorb the wine, it should turn a pinkish colour
  3. Vacuum the area until all salt is removed. If a white residue is left, simply wipe it down with a damp towel and vacuum the area again.

3. Ensure bins are easily accessible

By providing guests with easy access to bins will make your life easier by removing half of the dirty work for you. Guests can quickly dispose of their rubbish rather than leaving it around your house.

4. Ewww, is that vomit?

Its never pleasant to find out that someone has vomited on your carpet, rug or couch. To ensure it doesnt stain or smell you should:

  1. Remove as much of the solids as possible with gloves, hot water and a rag
  2. Fill the area with bicarb soda and warm water, allowing it to soak into the stain.
  3. Follow procedure with ward detergent, leaving the area to dry and leave for a day.
  4. Vacuum area of any residue.

5. Clean BBQ with an onion

One of the best and hygenic ways to clean your BBQ is to clean it by rubbing it down with an onion. Firstly, please the BBQ with any excess food scraps. Place an onion on a fork and rub the BBQ plate down until clean.