10 Hot tips for keeping a tidy office

10. Keep it green, recycle.

Recycling will not only make you feel good about yourself, it is a great way to declutter your office space of unused cardboard boxes and scrap paper.

9. Ensure your office is cable & hazard free.

Exposed cables often make your office look messy, unorganised and are a potential hazard. A great way to organise your cables is to use cable ties or cord clamps to group cables together.

8. Every day is bin day.

There is nothing worse then coming back to an office smelling of yesterday’s tuna salad. Ensure you clear your bins daily, and line them with a fragrant bin liner to leave your office smelling nice.

7. Keep that kitchen clean!

A messy kitchen is not only unhygienic, it is also asking for a rat break out. Ensure you put away all dry food into lockable containers, wash and put the dishes away into your cupboards, away from eyesight, and don’t forget to put the milk away in the fridge!

6. Set the date

Set a date for your weekly clean including: cleaning the toilets, wipe the desks down of any dust, vacuum and mop the floors, wash and put away the dishes and empty the bins. Remember, Perth Cleaners can help you with all of these!

5. Store your paperwork, digitally

Getting lost in all that paperwork? Why not store it all digitally! Simply scan in your unwanted documents and keep an organised, logical folder structure so that you can access these files quickly and easily!

4. Is your business inviting to your customers?

Ensuring your gardens are neatly pruned, weeds ripped out and leaves swept will make your office exterior more attractive to your potential customers.

3. Eat out.

Treat yourself by walking over to a park bench and take in some sunshine. Try not to eat at your desk as you can attract rats, cockroaches and other nasties to your office space. Food crumbs can also get stuck in your keyboard, which can block keys from working.

2. Add greenery to your office.

Introducing some plants to your office will freshen the place up and make it more lively. There are many choices of low maintenance plants such as the Dracaena Deremensis which need little to medium sunlight to grow. Just don’t forget to water them once in a while!

1. Empty the Fridge, weekly!

A common office mystery is finding the culprit of that stale sandwich hidden at the back of the communal fridge. A weekly fridge clean and a regular defrost will keep the fridge hygienic and spacious for all your staff lunches.